About Bradan...

Bradan Limited was formed in 2001 by a group of individuals from different backgrounds and skills but with the common concern that the inexorable spread of fish pathogens across the world was not being properly controlled by use of outmoded, unsafe and environmentally undesirable disinfection methods and that the interests of the fish and the stresses on them were not being considered.

Based on the Kintyre peninsula, in the heart of Scotland's fish farming area and some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, the company is anything but a rural outpost of high ideals. Bradan's Chairman is Emeritus Professor at both the University of Stirling in Scotland and at the University of Idaho in the heart of the American trout, salmon, tilapia and aquarium fish industries. The company works closely with scientists and research facilities throughout the world and through this association has built an enviable range of products based on its own research and on collaboration with leading manufacturers, scientists and fish producers, in the UK, USA, France, Japan, Canada, Chile and Malta.

Bradan's research and technology has already contributed significantly to the improvement of biosecurity and fish health internationally and it provides advisory services in all aspects of aquatic bio-security systems including set-up, training and certification, veterinary audit and insurance adjustment.