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DuPont Virkon® Aquatic for Anglers 500g

A new product specially designed for use by angling clubs and scuba divers for disinfecting boots, gear and nets to prevent transfer of disease or pests from one water body or country to another.

Virkon Aquatic for Anglers was developed in response to the increasing concerns that the nets boots and tackle of anglers and the scuba equipment of divers was providing a ready route for the transfer of dangerous fish pathogens from infected areas to clean ones. The results have often been catastrophic and many countries such as Iceland insist on use of Virkon Aquatic disinfection before any angler can bring his equipment into the country.

The Canadian Navy recently published work showing that there was a significant risk for transfer of infection from Atlantic to Pacific by their Navy divers and again Virkon Aquatic was found to be the best disinfectant for diving equipment.

Virkon Aquatic for Anglers contains higher foaming levels than the low foam Virkon Aquatic tablets used by aquarists. This is to ensure that dirt and biofilms are removed in footbaths and sprays, while retaining the biocidal, human safety and environmental benefits of the entire Virkon Aquatic® range.

Small fisheries see our Six Pack Offer.

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DuPont Virkon Aquatic for Anglers and Scuba Divers

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