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Bangladesh - Set of 4 Books:

  1. A Guide to Shrimp and Prawn Hatchery Techniques in Bangladesh
  2. A Survey of Fish Farm Water Quality in Bangladesh
  3. A Guide to Carp Culture in Bangladesh
  4. A Guide to Shrimp and Prawn Culture in Bangladesh

1,2,4 Written by BAFRU. 3 Written by C.R. Price. Published by Pisces Press and Institute of Aquaculture Publications, University of Stirling.

1. ISBN 0901636940 40pp, 2. ISBN 0901636959 92pp,
3. ISBN 0901636851 70pp, 4. ISBN 0901636932 50pp

These books were prepared as handbooks of low-technology methods for rearing fish and shrimp for artisanal fish farmers in Bangladesh. They are however relevant to a wider range of tropical countries and have much of interest to all aquarists and small scale fish farmers explained and illustrated in a very straightforward and easy-to-follow way.

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$ Pack of Books based on Aquaculture in Bangladesh


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