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A Fish Hatchery Manual for Africa

Written by Graham Haylor & James Muir - Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling.

1998, 21x15cm, 207pp - ISBN 0 9521198 3 8

The manual brings together a wide array of practical knowledge as well as fundamental and adaptive research on the opertaion of fish hatcheries. Concentrating on catfish, carp and tilapia, within a context of appropriate technology for Africa, it reviews the opportunities for seed production and the practical needs of potential operators.

Infrastructural requirements and systems design are discussed and a guide is provided for broodstock management, egg incubation and hatching, fry and fingerling rearing, water quality, disease and transport and delivery. Common management problems, organisation, planning and marketing are also covered.

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A Fish Hatchery Manual for Africa

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